I'm a Web Designer and Front-End developer living in Los Angeles, CA. I design stuff and build front-end apps for the web.

I am not a nerd but I can still geek out with you on the topics of web development, design, drawing, watching movies, cars, Star Wars or whatever else you would like to pick my brain about.

Every website I build, every email I design is a new challenge to design something unique and usable. I pay attention to the small details; every pixel matters to me. I also believe in open web standards and develop with the latest web technologies.

I am very passionate about DIY home projects. From installing and painting a pocket door to doing wood work I love working around the house. I had the pleasure on doing all the baseboard and crown molding in my house. I find taking my time tends to work best for me.

I also love cars! I am car guy through and through. Old cars, news cars if it has four wheels and its a classic I am in!

Here are some things people are saying about me

Hector is a respectable and cordial leader who not only has a keen eye for detail, but also a great work ethic. No matter how late it got, he always stayed to make sure we delivered a perfect product on time. The quality of Hector's work is one that should be matched by every employee. He is a pro-active team player, and works well with everyone (and I mean everyone)! If I ever have the chance to work with Hector again, I would jump at the opportunity

Karen Quan | UI Developer at Rosetta

Hector is a team oriented and efficient worker at any workplace. I've had the pleasure to work with him in and outside of work tackling side projects big and small. His dedication has shown to be at a level where every employee should mimic. Regarding his artwork, his creativity, ideas and passion are displayed beautifully through his designs which stands out to be impeccable and true to what is directed. I highly recommend Hector to any employer considering him.

Orville Gallego | Business Development Executive at Mediabug

I'm thankful that the Marketing Dept and Design department work close together, because it's given me the opportunity to work with Hector on various projects from corporate marketing material to product marketing initiatives, and more. He is talented, has shown exemplary initiative in creating a wide variety of design artwork, thorough, and always executes his tasks quickly and efficiently. I know that I can always count on him to deliver - even when something urgent arises - and best of all he does it with a smile. With such a great skill set - personality and productivity.. Hector is a true asset to any team.

Tera Hudson | Manager, Corporate Marketing & Communications at Outspoken™

Hector is a great find. I will not hestitate using him again. He is able to think out of the box, on time, and is pleasant to work with

Steve Crispinelli | Owner, Creekside Consulting; Partner, Advanced Business Services

Hector is as solid a designer as they come. He has many years of experience that showed every day while working at Mobile Messenger. I did not manage Hector but was able to work with him on a branding project. His ideas always struck a nice balance with current trends and traditional foundations. I think any team would be happy to have Hector working with them.

Lawrence Altaffer | Creative Director, Web & Digital Design

Hector's creative approach is innovating and strategic. The projects we worked on together were always above and beyond our client and company's expectations. The projects we completed were always made the example for others to follow in our lead. He is wonderful and easy to work with and I wish we can work together again soon.

Jennifer Patterson | Director, IT Operations Projects at Universal Music Group

Hector is a web design Guru! I have had the pleasure of working with him on several projects and they have been winners. He does exceptional work and his design ideas are creative and out-of-the-box. If you don't use him you are not serious about your project.

Alexander Perez | Transfusion Free Surgery & Patient Blood Management Coordinator at Keck Medical Center of USC

Ive known Hector for many years now and have come to count on him whenever I need advice on web programming, video and design. He always stays on top of the latest technologies and trends. I wouldnt hesitate to recommend him for any project or position where his talents and experience would be put to the test.

Rick Fernandez | Creative Director at Pixel Partners

Hector is a excellent designer with a sharp eye for clean, functional designs. In addition to being a great designer, Hector has a strong grasp of complimentary web technologies such as html, css, javascript and php. I would recommend Hector to anyone looking for a world class web designer.

Brad Rodriguez | Software Engineer at the Rubicon Project


HTML5/CSS3 (responsive design, semantic)
Wordpress 3.x (theme + plugin dev)
MODX Revolution
Spree Commerce (Ruby on Rails)
API Integration (Google Maps, PayPal, Amazon, screenscraping, etc…)

Sublime Text
Text Mate

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